These tables lists the 3-digit ZIP code prefixes, a set of numbers which represents a United States Postal Service  wp (USPS wp) Sectional center facility  wp (SCF wp). Each SCF serves local addresses whose 5-digit ZIP Codes start with the same 1st 3 digit prefix.

* - The city name listed is the "default" city name for all postal codes in this prefix.
- The SCF serving this prefix/postal code is in a different State or Territory.
- This prefix/postal code is in a different State/Territory, but is still handled by this SCF.
§ - This prefix/postal code was reserved for States/Territories that needed additional codes outside of the normal range that was assigned to that State/Territory.
~ - This prefix/postal code is not assigned to a State/Territory at the moment, but is reserved for the States/Territories, that may need them, listed in between the parentheses.
885 is used for PO Box * mail sent to El Paso, El Paso County, Texas when it should be used by the states that use the 8xx prefixes.

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