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These tables lists the 3-digit ZIP code prefixes, a set of numbers which represents a United States Postal Service  wp (USPS wp) Sectional center facility  wp (SCF wp). Each SCF serves local addresses whose 5-digit ZIP Codes start with the same 1st 3 digit prefix.

* - The city name listed is the "default" city name for all postal codes in this prefix.
- The SCF serving this prefix or postal code is in a different State or Territory.
- This prefix or postal code is in a different State or Territory, but is still handled by this SCF.
§ - This prefix or postal code is not being used in the State or Territory that it should normally be assigned.
~ - This prefix or postal code is not assigned to any State or Territory at the moment, but it could be assigned to any of the States or Territories listed in between the parentheses.
  1. The ZIP code 06390 is used for PO Box mail sent to Fishers Island, Suffolk County, New York instead of the standard 1XX prefixes.

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