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The first 3 digits of the ZIP code, beginning with 8NNxx, are allocated for all mail sent to the following States or Territories:

Arkansas (AZ) Edit

Colorado (CO) Edit

Idaho (ID) Edit

New Mexico (NM) Edit

Nevada (NV) Edit

Utah (UT) Edit

Wyoming (WY) Edit

Exceptions Edit

  1. The 855 prefix is used for PO Box mail sent to El Paso, El Paso County, Texas in addition to the standard 799 prefix.
  2. The 886 prefix is currently unassigned at the moment.
  3. The 887 prefix is currently unassigned at the moment.
  4. The 888 prefix is currently unassigned at the moment.

- The prefixes [886], [887] and [888] are currently un-assigned to any state at the present time but could be assigned to any of the states listed on this page or the state of Texas, when they run out of their current allotment of prefixes.

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